Super Jake

Jacob: Always Loved, Never Forgotten

Jake - Snazzy Pistols 1
Jacob The Hero

Sometimes there are no words…

I don’t know how many times I have started writing this post.  It refuses to flow from my fingertips as it did when I wrote Jacob’s Story and Jacob’s Journey Continues…  This time I am struggling to find the right words.  There are no right words.  There are no words at all to convey the heartbreak felt the world over this morning.

My cousin, 8-year-old Jacob Grecco, passed away last night after fighting brain cancer with unfathomable courage for the past year.  He was with his mother in Germany for alternative treatment when his condition began rapidly worsening.  Over the past few days, tens of thousands of dollars have been raised by thousands of simply amazing people who came together to try to get Jacob home by medical air transportation so he could spend his last moments surrounded by his family.  Transportation was secured and Jake would have been home this afternoon.  But it was not to be.

Jake - Snazzy Pistols 2
Jacob the Fighter

When I read this morning that Jacob had taken his last breath while held in the loving arms of his mother, my heart shattered and tears streamed down my face.  Tears of sadness and grief for the loss of this precious child.  Tears of anger and rage that Jake had to endure such pain and that his family will have to live with this ache in their hearts forever.

And yet also tears of love and gratitude…  Love for Jake and his family as I have come to know them through his journey.  Love for the people around the world who did everything in their power to help.  Gratitude for those same people whose generosity gave Jacob the ability to get treatment in Germany and the chance, for a few days, to let some of the pre-cancer Jake shine through.  But most of all, gratitude for the lessons Jake has unknowingly taught me.  Fight in the face of adversity.  Love without condition.  Never give up.  Smile and be silly even when it hurts.  All lessons I’ve already been taught.  Lessons that packed a much more powerful punch coming from an 8-year-old boy fighting for his very life.

Jake - Snazzy Pistols 3
Jacob The Loved

Lay down your snazzy pistols, Super Jake.  You have fought long and well.  We love you and we’ve got your back.  Thousands of your warriors come armed and ready to fight the good fight in your stead.  We will throw our efforts into supporting cancer research so that someday no child or adult will have to face this villain again.  We will support those we see fighting this battle around us.  But most of all, right now, we will fight the heartbreak that your family and friends are feeling.  We will wrap our arms tightly around them and surround them with our love…and with yours.  Your heart will live on in all of us.  Thousands of warriors with Jake-sized hearts around the world. <3

Jacob The Hero Grecco: Always Loved, Never Forgotten.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” ~Helen Keller

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6 thoughts on “Jacob: Always Loved, Never Forgotten”

  1. Omg wen I read this I lost it n starting crying my eyes out.. Jacob u n ur family r in my thoughts n prayers. Ur not in pain any more but u r very missed… R.I.P JACOB. <3

  2. Thank you, Amanda. That is so beautifully written…You capture Jake very well. I am glad and thankful that Jake has brought you further in to our lives. <3

    1. Most of us can only hope to be a small fraction of the inspiration to others that Jake has been to so many…to have the impact that Jake has had on the world. So, thank YOU, Stacey and Gary and Mike — for allowing me and all of Jake’s warriors to be a part of his journey…for giving us the opportunity to know Jake and to love him. We are all better people because of Jake. <3

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